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About Us

After more than a decade in strategic global security and intelligence operations and seeing how Europe was increasingly destabilized, three special operations experts established ELITE in Switzerland to provide advanced executive security management to Europe-based clients.

ELITE assembles some of the most experienced and highly trained intelligence and special operations professionals from the world’s most elite special mission groups—groups that achieve their high-risk counterterrorism (CT) and law enforcement (LE) objectives.  We work to make you invisible and untouchable.

Today, ELITE has a global reach and presence that offers unparalleled expertise in executive threat management, operations, investigations, and training.

Elite Philosophy – Understanding Truth is Power

Truth alone is virtue. Understanding it is power. If you are a target, it is not enough to know it. You must understand why and defeat it.

ELITE brings a truly unique set of skills and value to market that rarely sees the overt light of day. ELITE’s philosophy is to bring the next generation of premier personal/asset protection to you, your family, and your business with the highest service standards to safeguard our clients’ lives and assets.

I N   V E R I T A T E   P R Æ S I D I V M

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Your Advantage

We know the quality of our consultants because we recruit them via personal networks from the most elite intelligence and special operations groups. We select the most professional officers with the judgment and skills necessary to perform the services we offer: Assessing and managing a variety of client risks, conducting intelligence operations and investigations, and advising you on how to “bulletproof” your life and business. Each ELITE consultant is seasoned and highly professional, possessing the expertise, judgment, and instincts to deliver the results on which you depend.

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What is ELITE?

ELITE is a global threat management consulting company that delivers innovative security and information solutions to protect its clients and their assets.  Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, ELITE has clients and field associates throughout Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia.

Like continental plates, global stability is always in a state of creative destruction. No static state of security exists; rather, security must continuously adapt to constant changes and evolving threats. No expertise can create a static state of security. However, a few very good companies offer prescient, agile, and ever-evolving security expertise. ELITE is one of the world’s very best because it anticipates threats by understanding the environments from which they emerge.

Peace of mind is priceless, so if security services can provide that, then they are certainly worth investing in. If your question is whether ELITE is capable of providing that security, we would simply offer that the repeat business of our clients is evidence of our service value. If we can bring that value to your life, we think your investment will be well worth it.

Aside from ELITE, two firms in the world offer excellence in advanced executive security management. Together, we offer the best expertise in our field. Our distinction is that we specialize in countering threats specifically facing Europe-based executives and high net worth individuals.

ELITE bases its offerings on what the competition does not or cannot offer, or does not specialize in. We are not interested in redundancy or competing with common services. We thrive on being highly specialized.

We meticulously analyze and identify the physical and electronic routines (“fingerprints”) that make you a target so you can implement a new “bulletproof” security strategy.

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