If notoriety or high net worth makes you a natural target, you probably want the maximum privacy, anonymity, and protection possible for yourself, your family, and your activities.  We specialize in establishing an “invisible mobile or static security perimeter” when you travel locally, regionally, or internationally so you are always minimally exposed to potential threats.  Unlike bodyguards, we maintain your low profile by blending into your surroundings.

Before your intended activity, we plan by analyzing your route and means of travel, the security environment, the destination, and the potential threats.  Based on those answers, we form a plan of action and a series of contingency plans.  The result is you get to conduct your affairs and live your life more securely and anonymously than you thought you could.

In some cases, your activity calls for only a few ELITE operators, while in others (e.g., high-threat environments), ELITE will augment and coordinate an independent security team, either your pre-existing security team or a contract team that we facilitate.

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