Life/Asset Risk Assessment (Phase I)

We all have to protect our families, assets, and information by managing our risks and exposure to threats. If you know that you or your assets are vulnerable, but you are unsure what those vulnerabilities are, then we can help you by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your personal and business situation and patterns (physical and digital), as well as your assets. Once complete, you will receive an industrial-grade encrypted file of an intuitive and tailored written assessment of your vulnerabilities, with clear, immediately actionable corrective strategies.  Once you confirm you are in receipt of the product and highly satisfied with it, we will destroy our copy (unless you instruct otherwise), so you are in singular possession of this information.

360 ͦ Security Program Implementation (Phase II)

ELITE’s risk assessment report provided you with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities and corrective measures, but you are still unsure about how to implement them.  We will work with you and your office to adopt effective, noninvasive practices until you are fully protected.  The result is that you will have dramatically improved your security posture to make yourself, your family, and your assets invisible and invulnerable to threats.

If you feel that you need a dedicated security specialist or team of security professionals, we can conduct Security Team Design  to meet your needs.

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